PA SERG Hurricane Response: Trauma-Informed Community Summits

Pennsylvania Supplemental Emergency Response Grant (SERG) is expanding efforts to promote the use of trauma-informed care in schools and communities. To do so, SERG is partnering with the PA Attorney General’s Office and Lakeside Global International to hold seven summits across PA in areas where people relocated as a result of 2017 Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The events are slated to occur by the end of October 2019. To maximize sustainability of trauma-informed care efforts after the grant ends, SERG also plans to collaborate with other state agencies involved in County Systems of Care (SOC) efforts, Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention, the Juvenile Court Judges Commission, Behavioral Health Alliance of Rural PA (BHARP), and local Institutes of Higher Education.

The Summit for Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties will be held on Tuesday, October 2nd and Wednesday, October 3rd. The trainings and materials will be provided by Lakeside Global Institute. The Event will include networking lunches, choice of breakout sessions, and meet the following learning objectives:

  • Gain basic information about trauma and the impact of trauma on the brain
  • Understand a key trauma-sensitive skill for trauma-informed care
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of secondary traumatic stress
  • Explore styles of leadership for parents and caregivers
  • Recognize ways trauma impacts cultural beliefs and practice
  • Identify which region of the brain a child is operating from based on the child’s behavior
  • Apply brain-based activities in leading children that are related to the brain region the children are operating from
  • Through a simulation exercise, participants will be:
    • Informed about the power of chronic adversity and traumatic stress
    • Impressed about the negative impact of systems working in silos
    • Inspired to dialogue and take action for cross-sector collaboration

The event is co-sponsored by Luzerne-Wyoming Counties System of Care, Lackawanna County System of Care, Luzerne County’s Human Services Division, the United Way of Wyoming Valley and the United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne.

To view the 2 day agenda and to access the registration link click here: