Online Trainings

Cultural & Linguistic Competency Online Trainings

There are two videos in the Cultural Linguistic Competence Series that Luzerne-Wyoming Counties System of Care have created.  Please take time to watch each video, complete handouts, and take the surveys at the end.  This will help us create improved content for you in the future.  You will receive a training certificate for 2.0 training hours for each of the sessions upon completion of the survey following the viewing of each video.


Video # 1 Accessing Cultural Brokers

When prompted in the video please complete each handout below.  At the end of the video please complete the online survey to receive your Training Certificate.

Cultural Brokers Handout #1

Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Cultural Brokers’ List

Cultural Brokers Survey & Certificate



Video # 2 Working with Linguistically Diverse Populations

There is no handout for this video.  At the end of the video please complete the online survey to receive your Training Certificate.

Linguistically Diverse Survey & Certificate







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